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Residential/ Home Office Computer Service

Fast, efficient, honest and reliable. 

In your home or at our Easton office.


WE ARE APPLE / MAC Friendly.

Although Apple machines are still a small part of the market,
many of our clients have Apple products that they need help with. 

We are your local resource for help with Apple devices.



- Which machine?  You like Dell or HP or MAC?  Great!
      Let us  help you select the machine that is right for you. 


- Hardware diagnosis / repair of computers & printers
      Many hardware problems can be resolved with a $25 part


- Troubleshooting - puzzled by system crashes?

       Most crash problems are easily solved by our expert staff

- Virus & Malware - detection & elimination

       Protect yourself - Keep your system CLEAN & FAST

- Data Backup - Keep your data safe

       We will copy your data to DVD/Memory stick/External disk

- Data Recovery - Get your data back

       We retrieve your data from failing hardware.
      Recover a deleted file or entire disk of data


- Transition to new machine

       We migrate your old data to your new machine


- Learn How to use what you've paid for. From basic skills to advanced
      tasks, our expert staff can help you get the most out of your machine.
      One on one training in your home or office.


- Sanitize / Cleanup old machines before you give them away

       We remove all your data & refresh Windows


- Discounts on Brand Name Machines Many times we can
      help you find significant discounts.


 - Donations - We clean your data off of your old computer

       so it can safely be given to charity.


- Not for Profits - can use your old machine

       We will assist you locating a grateful recipient



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