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Business Network Services


Network Engineering:
    - Servers: Microsoft, Linux, Novell
    - Networks: Wired and Wireless - most major brands
    - Routing & Firewalls: - most major brands
    - Content & "Appropriate Use" management & reporting
    - Real-Time Network traffic analysis & reporting
    - Physical Plant: cabling installation, testing & certification



 Network Management:
    - 24x7 Real-Time monitoring of IT resources
    - 24x7 response by a qualified engineer
    - Automatic updates & patching
    - System status reporting to your inbox
    - Types of managed services are shown below



Managed Network Service

  Remote Server Watch Proactive Server Care Remote Server Care Total Desktop Care + Help Desk
 Remote Monitoring & Management Platform
Server & Device Intelli-Monitoring X X X    
Asset & Inventory Reporting X X X X X
Scripting & Configuration Center X X X X X
Desktop Preventative Maintenance       X X
Client Communicator       X X
Back Office Teams
Product Support Team X X X X X
24x7 Critical Monitoring Team X X X    
24x7 Remote Support Team   X X    
24x7 Service Request Team     X    
Help Desk         X
Account Management Team X X X X X
Web Portals
Management Portal X X X X X
End Client Portal X X X X X
Third Party Integration Partners
Anti-Virus X X
Anti-Spyware X X
Remote Connection Software X X X X X


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