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Computer Network Services

We Make Information Technology Work !

Commercial IT Services

  • We deliver IT systems that are:
    • high-performance
    • fault-tolerant
    • self-healing
    • monitored & managed 24x7x365
  • We specialize in end-to-end management of your core Information Technology Systems.
  • You can rely on us for all your IT needs, or we can supplement the abilities of your current IT staff to enhance the business value of your IT systems.
  • Our experience with hundreds of customers allows us to bring fresh ideas to bear when your need more out of your IT systems.
  • We strive to build practical knowledge in your line of business. We look for strategic opportunities to apply IT resources to increase productivity and efficiency and lower cost.
  • We often have direct experience working with the software your employees use every day.

Residential Computer Service

  • We offer prompt, knowledgeable, on-site service for home & home office users.
  • We provide comprehensive repair & troubleshooting of all computer related issues.
  • We provide training and assistance in all subjects relating to personal use of computers.
  • SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST: Since we are consultants not computer retailers, our goal is to help you solve your problem, not sell you a bunch of stuff that you don't need.

We are always watching out for you.

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Monnen Technology - Business Partners

Our expert staff is available when and where you need them. In person, via phone, or remote access - we are always there when you need us.

We partner with you to increase the value of your I.T. assets to your company.